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About Taxes In UK

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Good evening

my name is emir from egypt 19 y.o

i'm building online ecommerce business i'm outside the EU but i'm selling to all countries 

and i'm in need to form a company with VAT number 

i have found Uk very suitable but i want to know about the Tax system

how will it be calculated ? 

i'm very concened i don't know about taxes

i want to understand how this hole thing works out 

specially if its i provide invoices from orders i sell what if i didn't provide how will they make sure i 'm sending the real information there must be something like this in the goverment to make sure i'm saying the truth and providing the real documents 

plus will i be paying taxes for uk orders only or for EU ? 

another important Q 

why companies house show our info online for every one can just 1 click google us and get all our income details and tax details and company details and more personal details like names and more 

many problems like theft identity and more stuff like that this is so stupid really 

why they do that and why not just people complain about it to hide these sensetive informations 


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By Tim Vane
08th Jun 2019 01:04

If you are in Egypt then you need to read the Double Tax Treaty between Egypt and the UK. The tie breaker residence rules mean that your company will be taxable in Egypt and not the UK so you are unlikely to have any UK tax obligations but be sure to pay for professional advice about VAT as it will get complicated. You may find it impossible to get a VAT number without a P. E.

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By paul.benny
08th Jun 2019 10:35

Regarding Companies House - I think the balance between privacy and transparency is broadly right
I'd be happy to debate it but this isn't the place.

But those are the rules in the UK. If you don't like them, don't trade here.

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