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Absolute Accounts and FRS102A

The FRS102A formats in Absolute Accounts seem difficult to relate to the CH filing requirements

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FRS102 has been out a while now but many small companies are only now producing their first set of accounts under it. We've used Absolute for a while alongside other final accounts software and could generally rely on it to meet the FRSSE requirements out of the box. It doesn't seem to be the case for FRS102A though. For starters the default full accounts assume that the company has chosen to abridge the accounts, which requires shareholders consent, and for this consent to be delivered to the Registrar. However there isn't a standard note for this. The nomenclature is also less than clear, for instance the abridged accounts are referred to as Full Accounts on the menu, and the Filleted accounts are referred to as Reduced Accounts. All of which makes if difficult to relate the printed accounts to their basis of preparation.

Have any other Absolute Accounts users experienced similar issues? If so how have you dealt with them?

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