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Absolute vs PTP

Absolute vs PTP

Hi all,

I am currently considering switching from PTP Software to Absolute in respect of Self Assesment, Partnership, Trust and Corporation Tax Returns. I wondered if anyone had made the switch and could advise me if it is worth doing?

My main concern with transferring our database from PTP to Absolute is having to re-enter all of our clients details as obviously this would be a time-consuming process.

Any thoughts would be welcome.




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By Flash Gordon
28th Mar 2012 17:03

Better idea

Go with BTC - a CT return takes minutes (literally, as in 5 to 10). I haven't done a SA100 yet admittedly but I'm seriously impressed with the CT side as it goes so well with VT (that I use for accounts). I used to use PTP, then swapped to Taxcalc but have just recently transferred over to BTC...

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28th Mar 2012 19:32

Agree with Flash

I have tried all of the above, including PTP and Absolute.  VT and BTC is the way to go.

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