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ACA Pathways

ACA Pathways

Hi All,

I'm a CIMA MIP, who is applying for ACA membership through the pathways scheme, and as the deadline is the 16th I need to get my skates on! I'm struggling in one of the areas of experience - "an ethical issues I have experience and dealt with"  - I think we have all come across certain types of "ethical issues" but not the type you would want to note on an application form !!

Does anyone have any suggestions - i'm not suggesting making a scenario up, just ideas to help jog my memory?!

Also, anyone have any experience / tips on pathways entry?

All much appreciated, all the best


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12th Dec 2011 11:58

Deadline extended

ICAEW Council agreed at their meeting on 7 December to extend the period for allowing Pathways applications for ICAEW membership from UK-based applicants until 31 December 2012.  

We recommend individuals to apply as soon as possible as the scheme may be reviewed at any time. There will only be two deadlines in 2012 - 16 May and 14 December.

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