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academy for growth

academy for growth

Does anybody have any experience of the academy for growth organisation? If yes, what do you think? I have been asked to join, the monthly fee though is quite steep although I have to say they offer a money back guarantee. I should be grateful for any feedback.


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17th Apr 2012 09:20

Figures from their latest accounts year to 30/11/11 extracted from a credit search

Total Current Assets : £34,810

The sum of Stocks, Trade Debtors, Cash and Miscellaneous Current Assets in 2011 

Total Current Liabilities : £102,549

The sum of Trade Creditors, Bank Overdraft and Miscellaneous Current Liabilities in 2011  

Cash at Bank : £20  Net Worth : £-67,497

A company’s Net Worth is calculated as Shareholders Funds minus Intangible Assets. £-67,497 is from the accounts filed in 2011 


Pehaps they ought to grow their own business first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A guarantee is only as good as the company guaranteeing it




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17th Apr 2012 09:24

I wasn't impressed

I looked into this a few years ago, so their offering may have changed since then.

I got the impression that the 'free' bits offered to you and your clients were just 'tasters' to get your clients to buy additional services from them. Dig beneath the sales hype and the razzamataz and see how many of your clients would really benefit!

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17th Apr 2012 22:54

Haven't used them
I haven't used them but have watched a number of their videos and read a number of their articles and they do have some good points to make.

I don't know why their results are so bad - but if you like what they are offering and are prepared to take a gamble then go for it - nothing to lose if they back up their guarantee.

We were sceptical about AVN - and the monthly investment is higher than academy for growth - but we love the products and it has helped us win a lot of new work and changed our mindset so we are constantly growing.

Do what is right for you and your practice - if you need growth and they offer something you think will help then it can be a brilliant move.

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to nameistaken
19th Nov 2014 23:44


I am not familiar with AVN could you please provide additional information.  Have you heard any derogatory comments about the Academy for Growth.  I was thinking about becoming part of their program, but do not want to risk the investment if it will not get results.




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By Yi
25th Mar 2016 05:07

Academy for Growth - Scam. Stay away from these guys

The guarantee is no good. Don't fall for it. My partner tried it and lost so much money since we paid in advance for services that a child could do better! You will get no money back when you ask for it.  So save yourself from being devour by these beast!

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