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Academy schools accounts template

Academy schools accounts template

We are due to prepare our first academy school accounts later this year. Although we use Iris, I can see that this will be a Word job given the specific disclosures required. Does anyone have a template they'd be willing to share? Alternatively, has anyone used Iris successfully for this?


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09th Jun 2012 11:44

Academies Accounts Direction


There is an illustrative set of financial statements for a fictitious academy (Coketown Academy Trust Ltd) on page 38 of the Academies Accounts Direction: 2010/11.

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to whatdoyoumeanwashe
22nd Jun 2012 11:51

I aggree with the above the Academies Accounts Direction is the best place to start but please remember that this shows an ongoing academy and not one in there first year, so you need to read the account direction carefully for the treatment of all the first year stuff like donations of capital.

I regualry go looking to se if there is any software out there to make this job easiser but as of yet have not been able to find anything.

We use Iris for our normal account but there is just no way to get Iris to show all the infomation needed for Academies.



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22nd Jun 2012 12:29


Sorry not an answer, but I'm curious how you got referred the work?  Did they look you up, or you have an existing contact...?

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27th Jul 2012 10:16

Academies template

Hi Steve


This is not an unbiased post as I'm from CaseWare but we have launched two academies templates, one for accounts and one for audit.  They are built in line with the Coketown model and take into account all academies requirements.  Info available on our website at


I hope this helps


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