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Starting ACCA at 40

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I have MBA in Finance (completed in 2006) and would like to do ACCA now. I have been working in various finance roles (AR,AP,CC and now as finance assistant from 2019). Do you think i am too late to do ACCA? or Do you think CIMA would be better option?

Thanks in Advance.

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By paul.benny
22nd Apr 2024 16:05

Do you (and your partner/family, if any) have the appetite for the studying? It's a lot of work, absorbing many evenings and weekends for years. Have you considered AAT first?

Will your employer support with fees/time-off for study?

It sounds like you're working in business rather than public practice. Although I'm not up to date with the syllabuses of any of the professional bodies, I would lean towards CIMA as probably being more relevant to your role. I'm sure others will have a different view.

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By amirthaa04
24th Apr 2024 15:41

Thankyou - Since i have my MBA in finance - I can see that i am already eligible for CIMA (with exemption from foundation level papers). So I am not interested in starting with AAT.

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By tom123
22nd Apr 2024 17:54

I am CIMA qualified, so I suppose I am slightly biased that way. However, and more relevantly, I completed all my studies under my own steam, with my own money, and taking holiday in which to sit the exams.

I did that because jobs "with training contracts" were not readily throwing themselves at me.

Ideally you need to find an employer that will support training - and then undertake the training they are happy to pay for - it is a lot easier that way - and you are more likely to complete the course.

I'm 52 now, but at 40 I decided to add a tax qualification, and was very happy to add ATT.

You have an MBA and 27 years of working life ahead of you - more if you want - so I say go for it.

Personally CIMA has been very useful to me as an in house accountant, and latterly a CFO. But I'm sure you would be equally successful with one of the others.

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Replying to tom123:
By amirthaa04
24th Apr 2024 15:43

Thankyou, I haven't got 27 years of work experience. I had a huge gap from 2006-2019. So altogether i have just 5 years of experience.

My employer is ready to support training and studies. Thanks very much for your suggestion on this.

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By Leywood
22nd Apr 2024 18:51

Never too late.

But to what end? ie what are you job plans?

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
23rd Apr 2024 14:30

Education is always worthwhile.

If you have the spare time, when why not? its only going to bolster your knowledge and skill set. Given your MBA you are presumably bright enough to work at the required level so its not going to be an ability thing, more a "time and motivation" thing.

Given you are not on a training contract then it doesnt matter if you do some of it and then drop out in a year or two if you find its constraining your non-work life.

I know my training (as a new graduate) effectively put my 'fun life' on hold for 2 and a bit years until I was exam qualified. I did mine exams in 27 months with only 3-4 months without study in that period. Intensive but got there.

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