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ACCA member preparing p'ship tax return

ACCA member preparing p'ship tax return

Good evening all,

I would appreciate some guidance in this area please. I have reviewed the relevant ACCA guidelines but would like check with my fellow professionals to ensure what I am proposing to do is correct. I should point out that I am an ACCA member but do not yet have a practicing certificate.

I have a family member who is currently in a partnership. I have been asked if I can prepare accounts and personal tax returns for the business and partners. I will happily do this free of charge as a favour. The accounts will have a full balance sheet so will be reasonably detailed.

Could anyone please confirm if I am within the ACCA rules? I'm sure once payment for services comes in to the equation it's not as clear.

Feedback is appreciated.

Many thanks,



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19th Jun 2012 21:20

Short answer probably not
As third parties rely on them payment is irrelevant. Please see link

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19th Jun 2012 21:25

Honorary work


A few years ago before I got my practising certificates I did my brothers tax return for free (there were unforeseen circumstances).  I think you have to write to ACCA explaining the circumstances and getting authorisation from them first (but those rules may have changed as this was rather a long time ago). It would probably be better for you to phone ACCA Connect and ask to be put through to their 'Authorisations Unit' who will be able to explain the correct protocol and get their confirmation in  writing

Kind regards


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