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ACCA networking events

ACCA networking events to drum up possible pool of investors

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Hi everyone,

I am an ACCA member and I work as a decision maker for a business which is highly regarded in the UK and has a great market share in it's industry. It's US branch (entity) has great momentum and is highly profitable, however, it is nowhere near the same level in the market place as the UK entity. The US entity will reach the same level when it gets hold of the funds to do this.

My question is, how would I get access to investors who are open to investing in a profitable, running company (not a start up), with huge expansion potential in the US? Would I be able to achieve this through my ACCA member network groups? (I have no experience with these groups - I just thought this may be an idea)

Thanks in advance.


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By WhichTyler
02nd Feb 2018 09:48

Roughly what is the turnover of the group at the moment and what level of investment are you after?

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Replying to WhichTyler:
By readingaccountant
02nd Feb 2018 14:25

Thanks WT,

T/o UK £7M
T/o USA £2.5M (eqGBP)
Require w/cap of c. £9M eqGBP to grow x 10 @ £1M eq GBP w/cap per T/o incr. in USA
These are just rough figs to give you an indication of the level of funding sought.



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