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ACCA PER performance objective signing off

Do objectives still need to be signed off by the previous employer if new employer signed them off?

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Hi all,

I'm currently an ACCA affiliate with 36 months of experience yet to be signed off.

My 36 months experience is as follow:- 

- worked for my current firm for 30 months, which is an ACCA approved employer with Platinum status

- worked for my previous firm for 6 months, which is not an approved employer.

I am wondering if my current firm signed off the performance objective exemption form, do I still need to get my previous employer to sign off performance objectives for me? Or all my previous firm has to do is to sign off my time only?


Thank you.


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Danny Kent
By Viciuno
16th Dec 2020 21:17

No, your current employer can sign off all your performance objectives for you. I did my first 30 months with one employer and my second employer signed off everything after I completed my last 6 months with them. First firm just needed to sign off on the time you worked there.

If you are still in doubt drop ACCA an email for clarification, the few times I contacted them they were very helpful.

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Replying to Viciuno:
By louiserou
17th Dec 2020 04:13

Thanks for your reply!

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By Ranse
17th Dec 2020 10:02

Employers ( authorised principal) can only sign and vouched for training they have supervised. so if you have 30 months with one employer - they should sign for that period and the 6 months should be signed by the relevant principal who supervised you i.e from your previous organisation.

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