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ACCA Practicing Certificate

How much information is required in each period


I am pulling together my evidence in order to obtain the ACCA Practicing Certificate and I was looking for some guidance on how much information they expect.  I have been carrying out the same tasks generally throughout the periods, with ad hoc tasks too. 

As they do not expect you to write the same tasks in, will they except in one period just the information of a new detailed duty undertaken and nothing else?  I have written examples for all the units that need to be covered, so before I write in another example of said units I have already evidenced, I thought I would enquire and ask those who have already obtained their certificate.

Thank very much


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21st Jan 2018 12:39

"Information about the training requirements can be found in the PCTR and in the Members FAQs on Practising Information. Alternatively, please contact ACCA connect for advice."

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to Accountant A
21st Jan 2018 14:02

Thank you for providing me with the link. I have read through, but I was hoping to have guidance from someone who has already submitted on how they went about it.

Thanks again

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By Briar
22nd Jan 2018 15:21

First of all, learn the difference between practice and practise!

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