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ACCA Practicing certificate

Who were your clients for the PCEF form?

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I am hoping maybe someone here can help me out with this. I qualified in industry and have worked in industry since qualification. Am now looking to set up a practice with a friend who is also an Accountant and has practice experience. He shall be a part time partner and help me out when needed and work the other time, therefore he can not apply under his name. Hence I am applying for the certificate. Now an issue I have is showing examples with a client in particular. In industry we do not have the same level of client exposure as in practice. How did others in a similar situation overcome this? What sort of external people did you use as examples for the PCEF 

Thanks in advance

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By stepurhan
05th Jul 2020 13:07

What sort of external people have you worked with?

The reason why it is hard to fill out this form when you have only worked in industry is you literally don't have practice experience. This could mean that there are significant gaps in your knowledge that will make running a practice properly difficult for you. In your case you are at least are partnering with someone with practice experience, so they can potentially fill gaps in your knowledge. However, it sounds like they aren't going to be around a lot, so you won't always have that readily available to fall back on.

This is a recurring problem for people looking to move from industry. They know a lot about the narrow areas their industry dealt with, but don't have enough of the broad knowledge needed for practice work. The usual advice is to get some practice experience. I don't know if that is practical for you.

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By AthollAccounts
06th Jul 2020 11:16

Speak to the ACCA PC team

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