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ACCA qualified seeks temporary assignment while studying towards M.Sc. (Acounting & Finance) with South Bank University, London

ACCA qualified seeks temporary assignment while...

I am resident in Cape Town, South Africa and I will be attending the M.Sc.(Accounting & Finance) degree at South Bank University come Feb. 2002 to about July 2002. I wish to specialise in risk management/assessment.

I will be required to apply for atudy permit with the British consulate office here and I understand that students can work to a maximum of 20hours per week during term and unlimited periods, off term. My course is scheduled for 18H00 to 21H00 each monday for twelve consecutive weeks and relates to reaseach methodology only. No exams. required.

I wish to take on temporary or contract assignments in this period. I will have had five years experience in auditing amd accounting by then. I am currently with PwC, Cape Town and currently trying to specialise in derivatives.

I am currently writing the Certified Internal Auditors exams. (CIA), The Chartered Institute of Secretaries exams.(CIS) and will be proceeding to an MBA (Finance) at the later part of this year.

I will appreciate with thanks, any assistance you can make to my career.

Please contact me at --> [email protected]
ladi Tokosi


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09th Apr 2001 20:13

Possible Temporary/Contract Positions

You may try sending your CV to:

Mr. SN Siffert,
Elliot Woolfe & Rose
Premier House
112 Station Road

Phone: 020 8952 0707
Fax: 020 8952 2332

Good luck.

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