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ACCA Student and Post Qualified

ACCA Student and Post Qualified


I know that ACCA students are not permitted to work for themselves while students (self assessments returns etc), but what happens post qualification? Are ACCA qualified members allowed to offer any services 'themselves' (rather than through their employer) without a practice certificate?


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05th Apr 2012 15:23

Not unless it is simply bookkeeping & management accounts.

You must obtain an ACCA practicing certificate to prepare returns to a third party in your own name.

There are many threads and previous postings on this topic and ACCA rulebook makes it quite clear too.

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06th Apr 2012 08:13

As rockallj says there is a very useful PDF on the ACCA website regarding practicing certificates, who needs one, what work you can do without one etc etc.

It also includes case studies/scenarios applying the rules.

Think it is accessable via the members area of the ACCA website (which i think you can access without being a member).

I found it easily and didnt have to log in.



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06th Apr 2012 17:12


Not being a member of the ACCA, I cannot comment on how that body works. But as a qualified member of the I.F.A., I.A.B. and I.C.S.A., I would say that you cannot practice using their degrees unless you have a practicing certificate, gained through CPD points, and a full Liability insurance.

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