Move to ICAEW from ACCA

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I am considering completing the pathways route to ICAEW from ACCA to obtain a practising certficate as I dont have the 3 year approved employer experience for an ACCA PC. 

(although over 20 years in practice)

Has anyone else done this and how did they find it?

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By Paul Crowley
11th Apr 2024 13:43

ICAEW expects supervision in the workplace to be able to get a practicing certificate.
Best to call ICAEW to make sure you understand the rules before paying any fees.

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By Grayson Moore
11th Apr 2024 13:50

Its been a few years since I did the pathway but I seem to recall it wasn't an easy way to circumvent the requirements for the PC and also the AQ. You had to qualify for these from the ACCA before ICAEW would recognise them.

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By Beancounting
15th Apr 2024 16:26

How have you been 20 years in practice if you don't have a PC?

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Replying to Beancounting:
By weuk
16th Apr 2024 00:51

Possibly working in pratice as a staff member!

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By stepurhan
16th Apr 2024 09:44

Are your 20 years in practice all for non-approved employers? It is possible, though difficult, to fill out the practice experience forms retrospectively. The two main issues are identifying what work you did that far back and getting the agreement of someone at the right level to sign off on it. Is this not possible for you?

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