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Access Code App Issue

Recently updated phone didn't bring across the authenticator app detail...

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I had the authenticator app on my old phone. Restored to my new phone and then realised that it didn't bring across the detail in the authenticator app, after doing a factory reset on my old phone. This has resulted in me losing the ability to get HMRC access codes from the app. I can't therefore seem to log in in any other way to various HMRC accounts that require the access code as the webiste sends me round in circles. I've tried calling HMRC online services - waste of time - managed to get through once and had to email in but that seems to be going nowhere. As I type this, I'm on hold and have been for 15 minutes. 

Question is - I can't be the only person every to lose access to their means of obtaining access codes. Does anyone have a similar experience and did they resolve the issue?



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15th Jul 2019 13:01

Jeez - why didn't you jot the numbers down on a bit of paper ?

Software's useful but it's not magic. You need a low-tech back-up.

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to lionofludesch
15th Jul 2019 13:23

Because the numbers change every 30 seconds. That is the whole point of having an app for authentication. You need the actual telephone the app is on to get the current code.

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to stepurhan
15th Jul 2019 13:39

Sometimes I'm glad I stay as low tech as possible.

How would this make my life easier ?

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to lionofludesch
15th Jul 2019 13:43

It's a security measure. It stops someone who manages to get the username and password from accessing your account.

However, as evidenced by this very query, it doesn't make life easier. Whether the enhanced security is worth the extra hassle is largely a personal choice.

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to stepurhan
15th Jul 2019 17:55

stepurhan wrote:

It's a security measure. It stops someone who manages to get the username and password ...

say, from reading your bit of paper.

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15th Jul 2019 17:15

I don't know an answer myself, but I do know someone that works with these sorts of apps a lot. I will ask them if they have a solution for you.

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