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Access Dimensions Nominal Codes

Access Dimensions Nominal Codes

We are currently in the early stages of implementation with Access for Dimensions.  However, it has been very hard to get any information from them regarding CoA examples. Or any nominal code examples.

We are currently using Sage 1000 and would like to enter the CoA workshop with an idea of our CoA structure before hand (instead of discussing it on the day).  We do not fully understand the use of attributes.  In the sense that Sage Codes work GL Code, Cost Centre, Cost Code and analysis code.  It is proving hard to decide what would be an attribute.

Unfortunately there is nothing helpful available online.  I really hope someone can help?


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03rd Mar 2016 12:52

Attributes in the sense of?

I have never heard of any attributes or attribute codes when posting onto Dimensions, have you got an example of the wording?

There are analysis codes, which link cost codes to nominal codes, so for example we have M01, M02, M03..... cost codes for different types of materials, but they all get posted to 7120 - Materials Nominal Code.

There are also Major Heading Codes for each Nominal Ledger Code, which I believe is similar to the CoA in Sage, but you can also assign Group Headings, Division Headings, Other Headings and Extra Headings to personalise your CoA.

The definition of an attribute is.....

.................a piece of information which determines the properties of a field or tag in a database or a string of characters in a display.

which would suggest that it isn't about how you post your transactions.


Not sure if I helped in any way, but I'm not entirely sure what you need explaining?

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03rd Mar 2016 13:25

Attributes of?

Does it mean 'The attributes of a specific set of codes'?

For example the attributes of our Cost codes are that they have 1 Letter followed by 2 Numbers?

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