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Access to client's invoices online

Need access to VAT invoices

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We are doing the bookkeeping in Xero for a client and asked for copies of Amazon invoices to know where to book the purchases and whether there was VAT. 

The client has suggested we have access to their Amazon account to pull these (although a separate issue is that you have to request VAT invoices for Amazon marketplace).

Does anyone have access to their client's shopping accounts to do this? 

The client has suggested we get which secures passwords but I don't want to run everything through this for my practice just to meet this client's request so any alternative suggestions would be appreciated please. The client seems to want to avoid emailing them to us or uploading to Xero themselves.

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By Chipette
07th Jul 2018 11:57

Is it laziness or is the client struggling with tech? I have one client who is not tech savvy at all and I have to regularly explain to her how to retrieve her bills and invoices. Most of the time it involves resetting passwords as she would have forgotten or lost them.

My approach is no invoice no VAT claim and anything I can't identify goes to their director's loan account. It's amazing how many invoices clients manage to send just before the deadline for the VAT return.

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By Matrix
07th Jul 2018 12:17

Thanks for replies. It is more laziness than tech (they are using the expenses app so are more tech savvy than me).

They just want to delegate the Xero side to us with as much automation as possible and get on with the management side without having to login to Amazon, download/request VAT invoices and send them to us.

I will go back and say that we are not able to access their Amazon account. This seems more of an administrator role anyway. This is the first time we are offering bookkeeping which is an experiment but admin is really too far for me.

If it takes off this could become our biggest client so that is why I had to think about it first. I think they will need some kind of virtual assistant at some point, for them I can see it would be easier if the same provider did everything.

I have stopped using Amazon myself due to to having to retrieve the invoices.

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By RedFive
07th Jul 2018 14:41

They need to set up an Amazon Business account. Easier to retrieve vat invoices.

And yes we have access and obtain Amazon info (and many other portals) on behalf of many clients and charge accordingly.

Why would you not if they will pay you for the extra work?

It’s all tech in the future innit... ;)

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By lionofludesch
07th Jul 2018 18:02

Surely it's just a matter of taking a photo and uploading it using the free app ?©

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