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Access to Sage Payroll data - read only..

Is anyone aware of read only access for Sage Payroll?

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I am migrating away from Sage payroll in the next few months, and need to consider access to historic data.

For context this is a payroll with 200+ employees, in use for many years - so, not a quick job to 'print' everything out that could be needed.

I don't suppose anyone is aware of read only options being available from Sage?

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By rmillaree
17th May 2022 16:03

Can you archive on time locked computer so you still have access to how it used to be?

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By johndon68
18th May 2022 00:32

There is no way to grant read only access to the Sage Payroll program.

A long winded and not necessarily cheap way of doing it would be to remove all users from the program apart from you and make sure no one else knows your password. A Sage Developer who does Payroll development could then create a program that would allow data to be read from Sage to be reported on should the need arise...

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By tom123
18th May 2022 11:14

Thanks for the responses.

Painful, isn't it..

Of course this is the kind of thing that puts people off changing software - and benefits the supplier..

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By davidbrewster
19th May 2022 10:05

SAGE can export their data into .CSV and should ensure your new payroll software can "import" .CSV data.

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Replying to davidbrewster:
By Hugo Fair
19th May 2022 11:57

That pre-supposes (or at least hopes) that the two products have a 1:1 mapping of their data fields ... which is highly unlikely. So it's only a partial answer.

In reality, transferring (or migrating) your data between systems will require at the very least compromises (only moving the 'key' data however you define that) - or a lot of work to manipulate the Sage data into the structure expected by the new system.
The latter is often a service available from the new supplier (if they are a service-orientated outfit) ... but at a (potentially substantial) price.

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