Access to Tax Agent Services letter

What evidence do they want?

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I have received a "Act now to keep your access to your agent services" letter from HMRC

This is asking me in effect to reapply to be an agent.

It asks for "evidence of your anti-money laundering supervision"

Any idea what on earth they want for that?  I am ICAEW member with a practising cert which you would have *thought* would be enough, but I am concerned our agent services will be cut off for months on end if I guess wrong.

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By rockallj
30th Jun 2023 14:06

I had one of these about a year or so ago.
It seems HMRC eventually contact every agent who is not “supervised” with them.

Obtain a letter or some evidence from ICAEW that they are your AML supervisory body and submit it to HMRC.
It really isn’t worth losing access to Agent Services and the troubles that would give you.

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Replying to rockallj:
By Hugo Fair
30th Jun 2023 14:35

Classic overstepping by HMRC ... if you're not registered with us then we'll assume you're not registered with anyone else!

But they hold the trump cards, so give 'em what they want (in this case at least).

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
30th Jun 2023 15:58

Anyhow found out the answer,

ICAEW can supply a letter, apparently lots of people has been asking the same question.

It would appear its much easier to ask everyone one by one, than for HMRC to have approached the professional bodges and ask for a list of members under their supervision and ticked them off and save a massive load of hassle for everyone.

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Replying to ireallyshouldknowthisbut:
By Hugo Fair
30th Jun 2023 17:05

Harra logic ...

Option 1: Approach the PBs and ask for a list of members under their supervision, and then tick them off one by one.
Hm, might need some resources for that?


Option 2: Send an automated letter to everyone on a database without HMRC AML.
Yeah, no extra resources and close to zero costs!

[Impact on PBs, individual Agents, etc? Not an HMRC concern so irrelevant.]

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By Cathy Milligan
04th Jul 2023 09:42

I had this letter in January, after I changed my AML supervision from HMRC to a recognised PB. All I supplied was a copy of my practising licence which states I am supervised for AML.
I sent it by special delivery, to ensure HMRC received it - I have heard the horror stories of HMRC pulling the plug - but to date, I have had no reply (Did I really expect one?)
I still have my agent access so I must guess all is well and HMRC accepted it ...... ?

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Replying to Cathy Milligan:
By Hugo Fair
04th Jul 2023 14:15

Excellent example of optimism.
Hope it doesn't turn out to be as misplaced as "Don't Fire Till You See the Whites of Their (aaaargh)"?

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