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Access to xero for one client only, is it possible? Reluctant to sign up for partner programme.

Access to xero for one client only, is it...

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Potential new client uses xero for their accounts.  I have never used it before and have nearly all my clients on VT now.

I looked at the xero website and saw the sign up for free as a partner, clicked through and decided to read the partner agreement before clicking continue.  I see that I would be expected to:

  • Accept the Terms of Agreement on the Xero website
  • Add their first clients to Xero
  • Assign a Xero champion who will complete Xero certification
  • Host a Xero dedicated landing page on your company website that includes an active hyperlink to and complies with the Xero Brand Guidelines

Not sure I want to do all that really as I have no desire to move clients away from VT which most love and I am happy with.  Apart from the client sharing their login, is there a way to get access as an accountant without paying large fees for just one client?

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By MissAccounting
10th Apr 2014 17:16

Add a new user

Just get them to add you as a user, really straight forward.

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Locutus of Borg
By Locutus
10th Apr 2014 17:22


Get the client to pay for the subscription and set you up as a user with maximum access privileges.

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Man of Kent
By Kent accountant
10th Apr 2014 17:22


Agree with Miss A.

Once you get familiar with Xero you can then decide whether you want to sign up to the Partner Programme.

Or just get other clients to add you as a user (Adviser status) - it doesn't make any difference to your clients.

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By Luke
10th Apr 2014 17:29

OK, that's great - thank you

That's brilliant - thank you for all your quick responses.

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By petersaxton
11th Apr 2014 06:45

Why not?

be a xero partner?

there's a small discount and may help in the future as more clients go online.

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