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Accessing Client tax summaries or not, can you?

Unable to access most of my client's annual tax summaries since Dec 2016

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Since Dec 2016 I've been able to access most of my client's annual tax summaries, one client of 7+ yrs reports none available yet I've submitted tax rtns every year.

Is there anyone else out there having the same problem?

The Saga to date after 20 months of waiting:

I reported it via email to HMRC in mid Dec 16, chased it a number of times throughout 2017 and emailed my local MP in June/July 2017 as well. He wrote to HMRC and they wrote back basically saying I can always request a SA302 and the work to strict priorities hence nothing done. Of course they failed to say that SA302's were ceasing in a couple of weeks time, so I reposnded accordingly via my MP and they replied to say if I phone the agent helpline they will conitune to issue SA302's.

So that's what I've been doing until said client above was remortgaging one of his properties and the new lender initially refused the SA302 was the document no longer says that is what it is! After some trouble I was able to resolve the matter namely they accepted my software's tax report and the un-named SA302.

In January 2018 I got all excited when I rec'd a request for HMRC to hook into my system so they could watch, see and learn. It was nice of them to pick January but not wishing to appear ungrateful I agreed. They hooked in, watched and commented that they issue was in the backoffice part of the system and seemed to know what was causing.

Horray a solution is on the way......................... NOPE nothing has happened since, not heard a word from them!! Am I surprised, NOT at all

So after my recent client remortgage experience I emailed my MP again in July and I've just rec'd HMRC's reply. In summary: Hog wash.

They say:

  I can request a SA302 clearly missing the point that it no longer says that's what it is, just a plain sheet of paper which the lender in question initially refused to accept

  My client can access the information for himself! Well maybe he can but strangely that's what he's paying me to do so he can concentrate on his business. Perhaps he could find another accountant whose HMRC system works but they didn't suggest that!!!!

  They prioritise issues and cannot provide a timescale. So clearly my problem is still not a priority after 20 months!

Maybe it's time for me to retire and get a job stacking shelves



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