Accidentally submitt the wrong accounts! HELP

I accidentally submitted an AA02 form for a subsidairy company, stupid me. What do I do now?

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I accidentally submitted an AA02 form for a subsidairy company. I had two companies one was an AA02 form the other CCH accounts. And I accidentally submitted Aa02 s for both. Really unlike me to make a mistake like this. What can I do for the subsidiary company?

I'm still training so please no nasty comments.

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By rmillaree
13th Oct 2023 09:07

ring companies house and they will tell you exactly what to do - easy

presuming form has been processed there will be a mechanism to kinda cancel the form normally. Note often this doesnt remove the original filing as such but nomrally confirms by later filing that the fisrt one was wrong. Note i am speaking genrally here dont know exactly what happens with this exact form.

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Lisa Thomas
By Lisa Thomas - Insolvency Practitioner
13th Oct 2023 10:21

Sometimes Companies House requires a court order to allow you to change a filing. Hopefully that isn't the case for you.

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Danny Kent
By Viciuno
13th Oct 2023 11:44

If your still training first thing you should do is approach your supervisor and let them know of the mistake. Don't try and fix this yourself without them knowing. Mistakes happen, its not the end of the world.

Nothing would be worse than them finding out when the client gets in touch because they have checked their own record or god forbid one of their suppliers does and stops their credit line.

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Replying to Viciuno:
By Postingcomments
13th Oct 2023 15:44

"Boss, I made a mistake, but don't worry. I sought advice from AWeb and they told me how to fix it."

Boss: "Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

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