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Accommodation via AirB&B

Company renting a room for an employee for business purposes via AirB&B

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We would like as a company rents an accommodation for an employee for business purposes via Airb&B as it is much cheaper than a room in a hotel.

Do we need to ask for a VAT invoice? We are VAT registered. 

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By Accountant A
21st Aug 2019 12:27

No, you don't need to ask for a VAT invoice. It may be beneficial to do so, however.

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paddle steamer
21st Aug 2019 12:47

It will quite likely from AirB&B only be vat on the Air BnB service fee, not on the flat rental.

A lot of the rentals are from non vat registered persons though these days most of the "bigger" operators in Edinburgh are (or ought to be) vat registered.

Given one city centre flat can easily bring in £25k-£30k a year, or more, an operator with two or three flats may in this regard be considered "bigger" and required to register for vat.

How you get a vat invoice from the particular flat owner I do not know.

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