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Probably not too much to worry about but a problem shared is a problem doubled!

A client is about to engage a freelance designer (self employed) for a 6 week block for a one off project. The designer is a specialist in this field.

However, he lives in Carlisle and my client is in Oxford and so a commute is not an option. My client has agreed to cover the accomodation costs locally at £500/week (room rental in a local house) .

The question I have is, if my client contracts with the owners of the property to take the space for 6 weeks are there any implications - I am sure not but I was wondering if it would be better if the freelancer contracted and paid for the accomodation and charged my client a higher fee.

Hopefully it is me worrying over nothing but any input would be very welcome

Many thanks chaps and chapess' (is that a word?)

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By Roland195
18th Aug 2011 14:54

Contractor should recharge the cost

I think it would be a sensible idea to have the contractor pay for the accommodation directly & then recharge to his customer providing this does not throw up a VAT issue.

I don't think that such an arrangement would have any bearing on an employment status argument in any case.

(Edit: Happy now Teacher?)

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By Phil Rees
18th Aug 2011 14:04


2 Ms


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By memyself-eye
18th Aug 2011 14:16


2M's   :)

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Euan's picture
By Euan MacLennan
18th Aug 2011 14:40

I am not so sure!

Apostrophes are used to denote missing letters (as in don't) and possessives (my mother's son), so I think "2 Ms" is right.  And "2M's" is definitely wrong - it should be "2 M's", unless you are talking about a reduced version of adhesive tape.

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By Becky Midgley
18th Aug 2011 15:25

Bottom line

2 'm's for clarity, or simply 2 ms (but this is sloppy).  Sorry!  Running away now...

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By Democratus
18th Aug 2011 15:53

Becky - getting some early practice in I see

Couldn't resist

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