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Hello, where is the best place/website to get all accountancy templates like engagement letter

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I have just started my accountancy firm and wondering where best to purchase all templates for the practise like engagemnt letter please. I'll like to get all we need for the practise. Any advise for new accountancy firm please?



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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
23rd May 2023 15:03

Your professional body would be my starting point.

If you are ICAEW there is heaps of materials on there, and you very much need to use their templates to avoid getting a rulering.

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By bethel2000
23rd May 2023 16:23

Thank you!, I'll call ACCA to find out how to access the templates. I've looked on their dashboard but nothing showing at the moment.

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Replying to bethel2000:
By I'msorryIhaven'taclue
23rd May 2023 16:37

There's a downloadable factsheet with templates for a tax engagement letter, together with "service schedules"; as well as a downloadable factsheet with templates for an accounts engagement letter, again with "service schedules". There are also T&Cs and Privacy Policy templates within.

You might have to update one or two of their terms - produced in May 2020 - for post-Brexit legislation. I'm not sure why the link to Practice Ignition - what's that all about!

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Glenn Martin
By Glenn Martin
23rd May 2023 15:19

Professional body should be your starting point as you should have access as part of your membership.

Failing that GoProposal would you LOE for you and firms like Mercia give you a suite of standard paperwork that would get you going.

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By bethel2000
23rd May 2023 16:25

Thanks Glen, thats helpful, I'll check those sites out now. Not sure why I can't see the materials on ACCA.

Much appreciated.

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By Brittles
24th May 2023 13:14

If you email [email protected], they can provide various templates such as letter of representation, clearance letters etc., although (I believe), not letters of engagement.

Taxcalc has LOE templates built in, so I just use those.

EDIT: Make sure you include your ACCA membership number when emailing, they are for members only.

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By Rgab1947
30th May 2023 16:24

Go to chatGPT and if you word the question correctly you can get lots of samples and templates.

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By Charlie Carne
30th May 2023 17:07

As you are starting out in practice (or at least starting a new firm), you are in a perfect position to set up great systems from the start that will save you hours of time every week. I'd strongly recommend automating as much as possible from the start and that is best done with great software, rather than building templates for manual processing. Don't wait until you have grown, as it is much simpler, more efficient and profitable to get the right tools in place from the start.

I would first look for a good practice management software solution, such as Pixie, Client Engager, Accountancy Manager or Karbon. Some of these have engagement letters built in but there are also two market-leading, stand-alone software tools that are specifically designed to create beautiful proposals and engagement letters in GoProposal and Ignition. If you're not sure how to price your services, tools like GoProposal have built in pricing engines that start you off, but allow you to edit the parameters to bespoke it for your client base.

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