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Accountancy Manager ?

Should we start using AM or can the features within TaxCalc do much of this already?

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We're seriously considering using AM for practice management to get away from our existing spreadsheet systems of tracking work, for basic onboarding with engagement letters, automated email requests and reminders, document portal etc

We have used TaxCalc for many years and very happy with the product but have never found the work management aspect very user friendly and have basically not used it. Similarly we don't use TaxCalc mail merge or standard letters (inc engagement letters) facility. However, in theory, much of what AM does is included within TaxCalc and I wonder if we should take a thorough look at the Tax Calc options before going with AM

I wondered if there were any other practices in similar position who make full use of these functions within TaxCalc and what their opinions are? 

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By HiddenAccountant
23rd May 2022 12:45

The reason I had moved to Taxcalc is that I didn't want to maintain a separate database for my client management and tax returns. As it happens I really like the tax return product of Taxcalc.
I don't know much about Accountancy Manager but does it mean you will still have Taxcalc for tax returns and/or Accounts?

I too have signed up for many extras with Taxcalc but yet to use these features although I do use the tasks feature for all clients which helps monitor deadlines which is really useful particularly for Companies. Provided the client is set up correctly in the first place then confirmation statements, accounts and tax returns are on the task management list in date order to ensure you don't miss any filing deadlines. Admittedly you do have to mark it as task 'completed' manually but I prefer this rather than marking them automatically.

I am yet to use their engagement letter toolkit. I looked at it sometime ago and was waiting for them to link it to their esign product so I can make this an entirely electronic process. They had plans for this but not sure if its happened yet.

I also signed up for their communication centre but again have not set this up. I did think you set up the message once and then it automatically sends the messages. However one of the advisor said it wasn't automated and you did have to manually click send every time which I wasn't keen on but may look at it again at some point.

Overall I think Taxcalc can do much more but I don't think it's the most user friendly for setting up the features as their main product is tax returns and everything else is an add on which results in people not utilising these extras.
I suspect you will use similar features more easily in AM as the whole product is designed for these functions.

Just an additional point re work tracking, they have the Jobs function which I think is an overkill unless you are a very large practice.

Finally, TaxCalc have training videos on YouTube for the various addon products which are actually useful but they don't appear to list them in their website. I would recommend checking them out before you decide switching to AM.

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By Software Seeker
24th May 2022 12:34

I've been using AM for a few years. I have more than a few grumbles. The more I use it the more I find it doesn't do some of the simple things which would make it so much better, and AM always just give me 'workarounds' rather than making changes to the system. Am looking at alternative packages (Senta being top of the list at the moment). I use TaxCalc for my AML solution and it works well; if the entire suite works similarly well then I'd strongly recommend you look at staying put.

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