Accountancy Manager is sufficient as documents sto

Does Accountancy Manager is sufficient As documents storage?

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Does Accountancy Manager is sufficient As documents storage? I am using it instead of have Cloud (OneDrive, Google Drive..etc) is this ok forr GDPR and is this ok for me in the future as my main storage?


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By RobbieT
23rd Oct 2023 10:13

Belt & braces. What happens if AM goes down? I would have - as a minimum:
A PM solution for ease of client access (AM, Senta etc)
A separate cloud solution (Onedrive, Dropbox) etc as the main 'all doc' storage
A regular download to a physical hard-drive.

It takes no time and negligible cost to ensure peace of mind plus continuity in the event of hack/DDoS etc

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By Software Seeker
26th Oct 2023 14:13

I use AM but not for document storage, for which I use a) IRIS Openspace (document storage for clients and signing portal), b) my hard-drive, c) external hard disk for non-cloud back-up and c) Cloud back up (I use Livedrive but it's pretty crap tbh). As RT says, belt and braces.

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