Accountancy Manager Latency

Anyone else experiencing issues with the site running slow and crashing?

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We are fairly new to Accountancy Manager and I personally have invested a lot of time into getting it set up.  However the website is virtually unusable every time I try to do the most simple tasks.  I am getting nowhere with their help email and I find it such a shame that we are being forced to look at another solution because of technical issues.

Are we alone here or are other users experiencing similar issues?


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By Maslins
17th Oct 2018 09:58

(We don't use Accountancy Manager)
How long has it been like that? If hours, or maybe a day, I'd be a bit more patient. They're still relatively new, so likely won't have the robust systems of bigger/more established firms.

If it's multiple days, and they're not responding, then that does sound very poor.

We use Senta which is a broadly similar package. It's not perfect and occasionally has issues, but it's constantly improving and we feel it's worth the effort to stick with it. Depends on whether you feel the same way about Accountancy Manager.

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James Byrne
By jamesbyrne
17th Oct 2018 10:28

Apologies if you have been experiencing issues, we have identified the issue causing occasional spikes in load on one of our servers and are working to resolve it quickly.

I understand my colleague is communicating with you via email, so we will keep you updated.

Many thanks.

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