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Accountancy Manager - worried about the Task List

Does anyone love the new Task Manager - if so please tell me why?

Didn't find your answer?

I just gave feedback as follows (prompted by the new version appearing as a default for the first time);

I am horrified that this might become the only option available - please NEVER delete the original version.

Why have you sought to change something that works wonderfully?

The biggest problem is that list now takes up so much more room on screen.

Secondly it provides less 'at a glance' feedback to the user - what is so wrong with using blocks of colour to tell us what is going on? (and why reduce the number of colours - where is the virtue in that?)

One of the things I most love about AM is the Tasks List, which is succinct and informative. You can see a lot of tasks on screen at the same time, and the range of colours draws the eye to which ones are most urgent. The company now says that all these colours are a Bad Thing and they have reduced what is left to thin lines, meaning that the screen is largely white.

No matter how I widen the screen, each task still occupies a lot more depth, lessening the number of tasks that can be viewed at one time.

I fear that the boffins will be so invested in their whizzy new thing that they will persist, ruining an excellent product


At the turn of the Century I hated the new Mac OSX at first but came to love it (I saw that the Apple programmers understood how I worked in OS9 better that I did myself).

So please, can anyone tell me why the creators of Accountancy Manager have improved the Task List, and how?

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By williams lester accountants
20th Jun 2022 12:36

They have as you say, taken something that works and made it carp! I assume this is BrightPay people at work as their product is no good either.......

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By Hugo Fair
20th Jun 2022 13:20

Don't know ... but the changes you describe reek of 'usability' design (which like so many things starts with good intentions - like not discriminating against the colour blind - and rapidly descends into chasing its own tail whilst forgetting all about the original, and happy, users)?

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By Winnie Wiggleroom
20th Jun 2022 14:05

I gave them almost the same response, the original was far better, the new one "looks" more modern but is worse. Why mess with something that is already working, especially when there are other things they could improve.

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By MCV71
20th Jun 2022 16:41

The curse of HG Capital strikes again

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Replying to MCV71:
By Hugo Fair
20th Jun 2022 17:03

'Never ascribe to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence' ... or are you suggesting it's a deliberate policy? :=)

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Replying to Hugo Fair:
By MCV71
21st Jun 2022 09:34

In the words of the BBC's House of Cards' (showing my age here!) Francis Urquhart, "you may say that, I couldn't possibly comment"

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TidyCloud Logo
By TidyCloud Accounting
22nd Jun 2022 21:47

I responded to their feedback with almost an identical response. The original task screen needed some new filters and sorting ability but the actual look of the screen was great.

The new version is so difficult to look at and to distinguish what is more important.

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