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Accountancy Practice Software

Accountancy Practice Software

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We are currently using IRIS for Company Secretarial, Company Formations, Practice Management, Accounts Production, Payroll Bureau (which links directly to the Tax Software), Personal Tax, Business Tax and their VAT Filer Bridging Software and whilst we are finding the integration between the products very good (only having to key in addresses etc once), we are finding the cost to be very high plus have seen that there are other better software products out there.

Once of these that we have seen is Inform Direct's Company Secretarial product which looks to have an excellent overview function showing all the Companies, with the due dates etc on one screen, something IRIS does not do.  We have also seen Accountancy Manager Practice Management Software which also looks excellent.

My question is what do other Practice's utilise and what would you recommend?  We have two Partners and four staff with about 1000 clients, so we aren't the biggest Practice.  It appears that IRIS have us locked into a 12 month contract which is extremely frustrating, but I'd welcome other Practice's thoughts and recommendations.

Many thanks to everyone for reading and for your help.

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By SXGuy
03rd Oct 2019 08:47

First thing you need to do with IRIS is email their renewals team and cancel next years renewal now while you still can. If you hit 90 days before renewal date you will be locked in again for another 12 months.

Most accountancy softwares have some form of practice management included.

I moved from IRIS (Keytime) to TaxCalc this year, and I must say I prefer it.

I don't need company formations, I use another formation agent for that, I don't need VAT Filer, because I use other software as well, but for the rest you refer to, I did use those, and I find TaxCalc to be a lot easier and simpler, for example when completing a tax return, it will alert you to things you have missed or should consider, IRIS doesn't do this.

Its Practice Management section I feel is a lot easier and far more superior to IRIS.

There are of course other providers.

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Mark Lee 2017
By Mark Lee
07th Oct 2019 18:48

I have only ever heard rave reviews from practitioners for Inform Direct. They love it.

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Replying to bookmarklee:
By Rgab1947
10th Oct 2019 11:20

Can only but concur.

And support is great!

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Glenn Martin
By Glenn Martin
08th Oct 2019 11:40

Put your notice in when you can with IRIS switch to Taxcalc + Inform Direct + Senta or AM.

Then take a holiday with the money you save.

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By EricO
10th Oct 2019 10:29

Another vote for TaxCalc especially on the cost side - as an ex IRIS user really don't like how they operate regarding the 90 day renewal period - if TaxCalc had a dedicated Business Tax module like IRIS it would be a help but apart from that finding the transfer from IRIS pretty seamless.

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By pauljohnston
10th Oct 2019 10:42

You could have a look at taxfiler as there are adding this functuality. Also Zero has CRm and is about to bring out tax software. Inform direct, Moneysoft payroll manager and senta all get a big vote from me.

Should have said we use VT for accounts work but not production

As a previous poster has said enjoy the extra holiday. Try and use cloud software because you dont want to cahnge again in a few years unless necessary

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10th Oct 2019 11:03

First Order are worth a look at for co formation and co secretarial. Taxfiler is still decent value even though they doubled their price this year. Senta is ok, as is AM, but they both produce masses of tasks so that your work schedule starts to look overwhelming. We use Senta to "kick off" a job so we don't miss a deadline, then pop the job onto Trello. Once on Trello the Senta job is cancelled.
Brightpay for payroll, nothing can touch it!
We use Quickbooks for all our clients.

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By Rgab1947
10th Oct 2019 11:24

I use Thomson Reuters. Great for full integration which is what I want. But expensive and clunky. And desktop (their "cloud" version is even more expensive and not a true cloud)

Looked at Taxcalc on a demo but not sure of fully integrated (Personal tax, corporate tax, practice management and accounts production) Company sec I use Inform (Its great!) and VAT is via QuickBooks.

So keen to see comments on Taxcalc as pricing looks good.

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By CardiffAccountant
10th Oct 2019 11:38

I find Inform Direct to be perfect for company secretarial services. The guys on the helpdesk are very knowledgable and only too happy to help.

I use TaxCalc, but find there are a few issues with some of the functions, especially with regards to mail merge and reporting. That said, I can usually find some sort of work around.

Hope this helps.

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By Charlie Carne
10th Oct 2019 12:22

I had a demo on Inform Direct yesterday and have signed up for the free trial. So far, it looks excellent and well-priced.

As for practice management solutions, I think that there are three worth considering: Senta, Accountancy Manager and Karbon. If you like the 'Kanban' style of viewing tasks, then you may well like Karbon (which also focuses on replacing Outlook as your email solution). I want to keep Outlook and I don't find Kanban a helpful methodology, so Senta and Accountancy Manager offer a more traditional model of task management, with the former being much more powerful, whilst the latter is less flexible, but possibly quicker to set up at the start.

The key thing in the cloud age is not to worry about finding a one-box solution like Iris, as the cloud products often talk to each other via open APIs. Best-of-breed is the game these days, so look at competing products in each space in isolation and don't try to find one product that does it all. Good luck!

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By SamPayne
10th Oct 2019 12:42

I have been using BTCSoftware along with their MTD solution, and it's been great! No complaints.

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By markabacus
10th Oct 2019 15:12

I've been using Absolute Software's Integrated solution since Day 1, switching from PTP when it was bought out by Iris. A little ironic given Tim Good was originally behind PTP and is now involved with Absolute.
I use their Accounts and tax packs including the client manager, also their Vat filer bridging solution but they also have company secretarial etc.
And when you need to contact their support as very occasionally I do they second to none

They also offer tax planning tools authored primarily by Tim Good

Well worth a look

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Replying to markabacus:
By Rgab1947
10th Oct 2019 15:56

Looked at it via given link but after starting to add up the costs it was close to or more expensive than TR and probably IRIS. £1,325 and may have missed some or £1,200 the integrated suite. All extra's are yes extra £'s.

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By Triinrast
06th Nov 2019 00:19

Have you already seen the news about Uku :)?
Give it a chance and you'll be positively surprised.

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