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Accountant or Accounting Company Recommendation

I'm looking for a good, trustworthy accountant or accounting company. Any recommendations?

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Hi everyone,

I'm currently running my own LTD company and working in the veterinary industry, as an employee of my LTD company.

I'm looking for a good, trustworthy chartered accountant or accounting company, preferably one that has experience with and clients in the veterinary/healthcare industry. I'm currently using Quickbooks for bookkeeping and would like to continue using it - so ideally they would have experience and be happy to work with Quickbooks. I'm based in London so would prefer someone in or around London, but it's not essential.

Can anyone recommend someone or a company?

Thank you in advance

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By Manchester_man
15th Aug 2019 03:01

Are you looking for accountants to recommend themselves? Or for us to recommend other accountants?

I'd recommend myself but I'm in Manchester. ;-)

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A Putey FACA
By Arthur Putey
15th Aug 2019 09:01

I recommend Manchester Man, as he seems like a good sort.

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Replying to Arthur Putey:
By Mr_awol
15th Aug 2019 11:50

I second Manchester Man. He does seem like a thoroughly nice chap.

Plus, it's nice to distribute wealth from London and the South East to poorer/less developed parts of the country (not Scotland though - they're savages who drink the blood of their dead).

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By John Charman
15th Aug 2019 07:30

Hi Thomas,

I have sent you a direct message.

I’m a chartered accountant and based just outside the M25.

I’d be more than happy to speak with you and then provide a quote.


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A Putey FACA
By Arthur Putey
15th Aug 2019 08:59

Given that you use Quickbooks, have you tried their own find an accountant tool?

Failing that, does your vet association have a forum you could ask for recommendations?

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By Glenn Martin
15th Aug 2019 11:56

Do none of your Vet pals not have any recommendations?

failing that you can look at the QB directory or google "accounting for Vet" and you may find someone who is specialist in Vets or medical practitioners.

The cloud allows you to work with anyone in the country so you might find some Northern firms are better priced, than those in London.

Give Manchester Man a shout he is a good egg and always very helpful on this forum.

I would take a look at it for you but I am Xero man and would not claim to be a QBO expert.

Try also Charlie Carne who is near to you or Redfive who is a QBO man but is northern based, both will do a grand job for you.

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Julian Webb
By JulianWebb
16th Aug 2019 11:19


I am a Quickbooks Chartered Management Accountant and only deal with QB clients. Currently I don't have any veterinary clients but all my clients are on Quick Books which makes communication with each other very easy.

I would be very interested to work with you in the Veterinary Profession.

I am based in Camberley Jct 3 on the M3 but with QB most things can be done over the internet.

My listing in QB is as below please contact me if you would like any further information.

Kind Regards

Julian Webb

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