Accountants: Have you experienced burnout?

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Looking to speak to someone with autism who has experienced burnout and find out what it's like to have been affected by it. Interested to hear how burnout might affect you differently and what are some of the ways you manage your wellbeing.

Ideally looking for professionals who work in the accountancy/financial industry to comment on their experiences of autistic burnout. This will be used for a wider story on autistic burnout from a charity helping the ICAEW community.

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By stepurhan
09th Apr 2024 13:11

You are asking for someone to share something quite personal but with only the vaguest of explanations of what you are asking for. I think you really need to expand more on your reasons, preferably naming the charity, if you want to get anywhere.

As an aside, why the ICAEW community? This forum includes members of various other professional bodies, as well as some excellent contributors that don't belong to a professional body at all.

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By FactChecker
09th Apr 2024 15:49

Exactly as per stepurhan, but also ...

If you really want people (let alone people who will not generally want to put such info out in the unregulated sphere of the internet - you do know that each post here is picked up by Google for use in random future ways?) ... then:

1. Publish some details/links to the charity (for credibility/re-assurance);
2. Provide a contact point/channel through which anyone potentially interested could make cautious contact with you and explore whether they wish to provide more;
3. Make sure you've got all the correct registrations and procedures in place (from GDPR through to insurance) to protect you & interviewees from legal consequences.

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By Kosher
09th Apr 2024 17:37

I know people who are autistic and a lot of them are very intelligent. I am not but in 2007 I suffered a burn out and had to pack in work in April 2008 and just returned to work in October 2008 on a part time basis. I did not return to the long hours again until August 2013 to March 2014 when my last wife died, since then I've taken life a lot easier and avoid long working hours.

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By Cylhia66
10th Apr 2024 06:29

I am autistic but I have not/never burnt out. There are various strategies we can put in place to manage our over sensitivity, make things work for us.

Don't know if that helps your research but I thought I'd mention this.

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By mumpin
10th Apr 2024 10:01

There was a small ad placed in an East London local rag about 30 years ago which was treated with much derision. It said:
"Prostitute who is HIV Positive wanted for Arts Project"

This post seems to be in a similar vein.

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By Leywood
10th Apr 2024 10:17

The OP appears to have been deleted.

How very odd!

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By Tom+Cross
10th Apr 2024 11:56

This was a sensitive topic, which with the benefit of hindsight, might have been been dealt with more delicately via either; private/direct message, or via the Aweb editorial team.
Even in this day and age, none of us are 'experts' and the thread originator appears to have now deleted his/her connection with the site.

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Replying to Tom+Cross:
By FactChecker
10th Apr 2024 15:53

Not a lot of hindsight needed really (even for someone like me who was pointed out, in a team development workshop!, as the living embodiment of 'close-to-zero EI').

Hopefully OP's disappearance was the decision of moderators (especially if it turns out to have been some sort of scam - which possibility did occur to me).
But good riddance, either way, as they were on the cusp of breaking so many rules (of acceptable general behaviour, let alone of this site and indeed legislation).

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