Accountex London 15 & 16 May 2024

Who is going to Accountex

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Hi All, just wondering who is going to Accountex London this time? I am obvs!

What are you hoping to get / what did you get from it (apart from socks)?


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By darren.austin
15th May 2024 09:29

On my way now. First visit so not sure what to expect. Hoping to catch up with some of our software suppliers face to face.

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By wilcoskip
15th May 2024 09:40

Expect noise. It's like Comic-con but without all the fun.

(I'm also going, by the way - it's free CPD and a chance to talk to some potential new suppliers.)

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By WinterDragon
15th May 2024 10:20

I am attending today but I wont be around tomorrow - a shame since I just noticed my favourite speaker only has a session tomorrow.

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By HamishMackrell
15th May 2024 14:02

I wish I was going to be there.

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By thestudyman
16th May 2024 14:21

I was clearly not the amusing robot…

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By lionofludesch
16th May 2024 14:42

I'm not going to Accountex but I will be in London for the AB Sundecks 1895 Cup Final at Wembley on 8th June.

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By stepurhan
17th May 2024 08:41

I was at Accountex yesterday.

I made a lot of potentially useful contacts. I also came away with a ton of stuff. Bags, pens and notebooks being the more mundane, though useful, items. The building surveyors and valuers handing out toothbrushes was the stand-out oddity for me. That said, the bowl of toothbrushes was enough to make me stop to check what I had seen, which meant they had got me to talk to.

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