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Accounting for spend prior to co. registration?

Filing First Year Company Accounts (for Film) - Accounting for spend prior to co. registration?

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I'm new here, very pleased to meet you all. This is my first question. 

I am filling company accounts for the 1st year of trading. 

The business (a Ltd. company) was created in order to make a film, one film only.

As is the fluid sometimes unpredictable process of film production the directors of the company (the filmmakers) had begun working on the film before we registered as Ltd. company in July 2015.

I am drawing up and organsing our company accounts - currently our spend/expenses, some of these were made prior to our date of registration/start of accounting period.

Given this are they to be ignored or accounted for? If so in what manner?

Any responses or suggestions to further leads/information would be much appreciated.



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By Tim Vane
26th May 2017 16:47

This is a forum for accounting professionals. You either need a self-help forum for businesses or (ideally) you should pay an accountant who will be able to help you answer these and many further questions, and will likely save you some money. Film companies are liable to come under special scrutiny by HMRC given that they are a common tool for tax planning.

Try posting at

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Replying to Tim Vane:
By Geoff_AccountingforFilms
26th May 2017 18:44

Thanks for the advice Tim.

I'll be sure to enquire there.

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