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Accounting for Wind Farms

Accounting for Wind Farms

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Hello fellow accountants,

With wind farms becoming ever more popular in our area we are looking to increase our knowledge in this area and invest some time in researching the accounting and tax issues surrounding it.

The problem we are having is that our current training provider do not offer such specialised training and from a search of the web there does not seem to be much available for accountants. So I turn my fellow accounting web masterminds in the hope someone out there has a point of reference they can point me to.

Any assistance is much appreciated as always.

Many thanks in advance

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By AqillaAccounting
03rd Oct 2013 16:13

What would you like to know?

We are supporting green initiatives as well. What would you like to know? We might be of help.

You can also check out our website for more information


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Replying to jameshirst:
Greg Houston
By Greg Houston
18th Oct 2013 11:35


Thank you for replying and apologies for the delay, unfortuantely my settings have changed and I did not get notifications of your repsonse.

Basically the client has set up a company where they will install and operate three large turbines costing cira £1.25m. Clearly a big project so we are showing them as assets under construction but we are thinking there might be enhanced capital allowances out there but cannot find any specific to turbines. Have you any guidance or points of reference on best tax treatment.


Many thanks

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By mrme89
03rd Oct 2013 16:31


Generally, the industry is very turbulent. Sometimes you just have to stick your finger in the wind and hope it blows you in the right direction.

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By Lship
03rd Oct 2013 16:41


Be careful not to get blown off course with the above comment, as it might get your head in a spin.

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By Hugh Scantlebury
18th Oct 2013 11:52

Things have changed in 2013

The Renewable Energy Association ( know quite a lot about this.

Also take a look at

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By Lship
18th Oct 2013 12:05


From memory and not 100% sure if it's still the case, but I'm pretty sure that there are no enhanced allowances availabe on turbines as they do not qualify,would be possible to claim AIA though.

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