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Accounting & Forecasting software - small charity

Looking for recommendation of integrated forecasting software with accounts package.

I have a client who is a small charity currently using Xero. They require monthly forecast reports across c.20 projects to monitor funding requirements and I find that the current budget mangaer tool in Xero isn't suffient to prepare a rolling forecast.

I am looking for a cost-effective software package that can either be used as an app/add-on with Xero or a separate Accounts/forecasting software which can handle reporting per project and consolidate all projects. Also need to be able to track funding type i.e. unrestricted, restricted funds.

Any recommedations would be appreciated.


By Matrix
22nd Sep 2017 10:56

If it is cashflow you require then you could try Float.

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24th Sep 2017 23:03

In terms of forecasting I've never found an adequate commercial tool and therefore rely on Microsoft Excel. I am currently looking for an integrated forecasting tool for a client ( not a charity ) and an in-house solution is looking most probable.

Similarly I've not found an accounting package capable of providing a trial balance per fund.

If you have a client with limited unrestricted reserves but plentiful restricted reserves then being able to demonstrate unrestricted is not borrowing from restricted is good governance. Again Microsoft Excel can do this but you probably need to structure the data into tables and use VBA to help maintain control and integrity. So it will take a while to develop.

If there is no requirement for regular scrutiny of cash balances then any accounting system with project costing should suffice.

However as always be clear on your requirements and appraise any packages accordingly.

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06th Nov 2017 14:23

Thanks decided to go for FUTRLI which covers most but not all what i need. Don't understand what is so difficult about a rolling forecast that these tech guys can't code in to their s/w

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