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Accounting practice query

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A family memeber has started a Accounting ltd company. The director is not an accountant. I am Acca qualified but don’t hold a practicing licence can they employ me to work? I want to make sure I am not breaching any rules before I consider this.

any advice would be appreciated 

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By Accountant A
04th Jan 2020 01:22

Ooh, just off the top of my head: ring the ACCA?

Bit of a left field suggestion, admittedly.

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By Slim
04th Jan 2020 01:31

* I think*

If you are genuinely not a director you should be okay, not sure what their stance is on shareholders though.

Obviously you can’t refer to the firm certified accountants

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By lionofludesch
04th Jan 2020 08:58

Pretty sure you're OK there.

I worked for a firm in which I was the only qualified person. I didn't take part in its management. ICAEW thought it was grand.

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04th Jan 2020 10:17

This is okay provided the director and shareholder is genuine, not just a sham so you can circumvent the rules about having a practicing certificate. It's not a case of the family member being a front man, while you are really the main man is it?

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By carnmores
04th Jan 2020 10:33

you need to be on PAYE

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