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Accounting Software

Accounting Software

One of my clients who currently operate TAS books and payroll are considering changing the software as it would appear that TAS is migrating to SAGE. Payroll is changing next year I believe.

Would anyone be able to offer advice on alternative software or perhaps cloud based accounting?

Kind regards


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By bobhurn
20th Jul 2012 12:39


I would try Absolute great software and very reasonably priced

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20th Jul 2012 15:17

Anything but Sage!

What do they need from their software?  Multi-user? Multi-currency?  Just the basics?  Would a combination of VT and Moneysoft be enough for their needs?  Have you looked at Xero?

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By dreamcatcher
20th Jul 2012 16:56

I agree with MissAccounting

....anything but Sage. 

Moneysoft payroll is in my opinion the best payroll software on the market and excellent value.

It depends on the size of your client and their needs Do they need multi users, multi currency and/or stock control?

VT is a good package and the cash book only part of it is free.  VT+ is very good and excellent value, but no stock control function as I recall (stand to be corrected here).  Cloud options to look at would be Xero and Kashflow.  Both offer free trials.  Personally I prefer Kashflow, but a quick search and you will find opinions on both. 

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20th Jul 2012 22:09

Xero or Kashflow are my favourites.

Kashflow offers cheaper bulk licences for partners.

We offer it free to our clients. A kashflow 60 day free trial here

click on specialisms and online software.

Hope it helps.

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20th Jul 2012 23:53

Possibly QuickBooks for the accounting?

The products mentioned already are regularly mentioned favourably on this site.

One that could also be considered is QuickBooks.  I used to use TAS but then preferred QuickBooks when I became aware of it.  Its various sections work fairly similarly and it wouldn't take much to learn it.  Its flexibility and reporting are, in my opinion, its most attractive features.  

Finally, I believe that it is much cheaper than any of the Sage packages.  (Note that it is an on-premises package, not cloud.)

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By dlac
to Tim Vane
29th Jul 2012 23:49

Quickbooks is available as an online system

QuickBooks is available online - I installed it for a small charity last year, and was fairly happy.

Quirks that I recall include not being able to enter an invoice and split it between several departments (different nominal accounts were fine, but not departments).  It lacked some controls that I envisage might drive auditors mad, but as a user in a small environment were convenient (if you posted a journal the wrong way round, sooo easy to go in and switch it back)

I am now about to install a system for another charity, and QuickBooks is in the running, but I'm also keen to look at Xero - love the sound of automatic bank downloads. 


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23rd Jul 2012 16:03


VT is great but no plans for cloud yet which is a great shame. I use Dropbox to host client files. Works well.

Brightpay for payroll is great also. Although I have to declare an interest as I am PL & TR postcode agent. I have converted lots of Sage customers to Brightpay this year, they are all delighted. Can get you a 50% discount on the first year licence if you need it.


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23rd Jul 2012 18:04

Stick to TAS Books

It is only TAS Payroll which will definitely cease in April 2013, so stick to TAS Books for the time being.  Even Sage is unlikely to drop a superior product in favour of Sage 50, but if they do at some point in the future, you can switch then to QuickBooks or VT or whatever.  There is no need to jump the gun, make a false start, etc., before the Olympics have even begun.

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15th Aug 2012 15:15


Been away for a while and just taken a look.

Thanks for all the posts and suggestions. I will give them all a look, but may well stick with TAS for the foreseeable future.



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