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Accounting software for charity

Software upgrade for charity

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I have a small museum client which is a company limited by guarantee and registered as a charity with OSCR.  Income and expenditure in recent years varies between 30 and 35K  and the treasurer uses an old Quicken package to analyse the banking transactions.

The museum is soon to relocate to new premises and future Income & Expenditure will greatly increase. Can anyone suggest an alternative software package to handle the increased level of transactions which will satisfy Lottery funding people as well as OSCR et al.

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By [email protected]
04th Aug 2016 11:54

Have a look at Quickbooks online

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By Paul Scholes
04th Aug 2016 19:20

Hi - I have no idea whether OSCR follow or replicate the SORP but Liberty Accounts (cloud) maintain SORP compliant books, so no need to mess about as you do with all the commercial based systems.

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