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Accounting software for Dubai startup

Accounting software for Dubai startup

Hi all,

my brother is starting up a recruitment company in Dubai and has asked me what my recommendations for accounting software I have.

So far as I am aware there is no sales tax/VAT etc in Dubai so I was thinking of making a recommendation of

  • Sage - popular, easy to use and lots of training material
  • VT cashbook - free and relatively easy but no sales and purchase ledger
  • Clearbooks - online and easy to use

If anyone else has any thoughts I would be interested to hear your views



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14th Mar 2012 11:26

Just one comment

In terms of online solutions ADSL connections are expensive and not that reliable over there.

Just a thought to factor in.


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15th Mar 2012 09:30

Aqilla - Cloud Accounting Designed for International Businesses

Have you taken a look at Aqilla yet? Aqilla is a cloud based, multi currency accounting and business solution that is easy to use and can be up and running quickly saving spending an excessive amount of money on expensive training and consultancy designed for international businesses.

Aqilla has a straight forward approach to accounting from as little as £50 per user, per month. There are no other up front licence fees and no other annual maintenance costs / support fees.

Lots more information can be found at

If you would like further information on Aqilla please do not hesitate to get in contact. I would be more than happy to assist you in your search for an accounting solution. 

Kind Regards

020 7098 9881

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14th Mar 2012 20:15

Network latency
Depending on where the servers for a cloud based solution are hosted it will be important to establish the latency between the user and the servers. Latency above 100ms will result in a very 'sticky' user experience with lag and delays between keyboard input and system response. Try before you buy!

Been there, done that!


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15th Mar 2012 09:29

Happy To Test

Indeed you should. With clients in all five continents, we're more than happy to set up a test.


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15th Mar 2012 12:21

HansaWorld UK Ltd. Dubai Br.

Dubai Silicon Oasis, E Wing.
Office Number 104, 1st Floor.
P.O. Box 341153.

Phone: +971 4 371 2717.
Fax: +971 84 685 305 (web fax)

Country Manager: Mohammed Hussein

Support phone: +971 4 371 2717
Support mail:

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