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Accounting software for large medium sized business

Accounting software for large medium sized...

A potential client has asked me to recommend an accounting package and implement it.

T/O is currently £9m and is expected to be £11m at the end of this financial year. They have 20,000 monthly customers and have 20,000 suppliers invoices coming in every month from about 5000 suppliers.

They are currently using a inhouse system that is not working. They want an off the shelf system to replace what they currently have. Obviously Xero et al are out of the running.

Any ideas would be helpful. Its a big budget and obviously I am mindful of the professional obligations of not taking on work I can not do so depending on the solution, I would consider bringing in a partner to assist.


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By jemetpl
07th Sep 2012 11:39

I would look at SunAccount. 

I would look at SunAccount.  It's a straightforward and very robust system with excellent reporting.

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07th Sep 2012 12:55

My.N from Accounting Office

is worth looking at -
My.N is a sophisticated accounts system with integrated stock.  We have many years experience of migrating standing and historical data from numerous legacy systems.

Fully installed and supported directly by the development team, no call centres.  If you would like to discuss this further, please give me a call on 01792 818177.
Kind regards
Claire Gosby

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07th Sep 2012 17:30

Have a look at Aqilla

You are absolutely right that the usual AW Any Answers suspects of Xero, Sage 50 etc are well out of their league here. I also think Jemetpl was right to suggest SunAccounts/SunSystems/InforFMS Sun, as it is one of the few core financials systems that can handle this volume of transactions and is commonly used in companies with this level of turnover.

However, if you do consider Sun I would benchmark it against Aqilla, as your web based option. In this day and age you would be crazy to simply jump into an on-premise solution without considering a web based alternative. Sun is great but it is older and it does demand a meaty hardware platform. Aqilla is more agile, has been designed exclusively for deployment on the web, but still offers many of the same excellent core financials tools and reporting solutions as Sun.

Aqilla, like Sun benefits from very flexible reporting and the ability to maniupulate and add additional analysis levels to the transaction header and line of each document. It also gives you the ability to carry this analysis through to the ledger (which also like Sun is a Unified Ledger) so your reporting is significantly more informative/detailed.

Finally, the obvious one - budget. As a SaaS/subscription solution the difference in cost between Sun and Aqilla will be substantial. Aside from the fact one is Op Ex (Aq) and the other Cap Ex Sun), the 3-5 yr cost model will be heavily in Aqillas favour. The services are likely to be comparable in volume i.e. number of days, but you may find Aqilla services to be less per day, as the partners are younger businesses and therefore not dragging vast teams of people and infrastructure with them. Also it can be partially delivered remotely so you can remove expenses straight away!

We have worked with Aqilla, amongst others, and would be happy to take you through a demonstration if it would be of use.

twitter @_aqilla_




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