Accounting software for solicitors

Accounting software for solicitors

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Can anyone recommend a good accounting package for a solicitor client? They are a new start up so are not a large practice but have two locations and would ideally like a cloud system. It would need to cope with the client money regulations, but otherwise, the simpler the better. Something like VT.

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By aadil
10th Feb 2014 11:54

I have not seen any software simpler than VT.

However I have worked on Perfect Books and Cognito.

Whilst they both take care of the client money regulations, I find Perfect Books simpler of the two.



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By geoff.smith
13th Feb 2014 18:31

Solicitors Accounts

I have not used VT but I wiuld think it is unlikely to be suitable for Solicitoirs Accounts (as is also the case with Sage, QuickBooks et al).

Legal Accounts is a very specialised area which requires bespoke software.

Also there are strict criteria in using Cloud based software.

I have been involved in legal accounts since 1979.

Geoff Smith


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