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Accounting Software I can link to Google Sheets?

I am looking for Accounting Software that can extract data from Google Sheets routinely.

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I currently use Google Sheets for my business budgeting and for general data input, I have engineers which access a Google Form to submit their work, with money taken and expenses, customer details etc... From that, Google Sheets can calculate the mileage to and from the postcode that the engineer has input, which works out the mileage automatically.

I am looking for an accounting software that can then take that data from Google Sheets, and input into the accounts. Is this possible?

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By the_drookit_dug
14th Nov 2019 23:31

I'd be surprised if there weren't any Xero apps to deal with such a task.

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By paulwakefield1
15th Nov 2019 07:34

Google Sheets can be exported in csv format so I would have thought practically any accounting software could import the details. Some may have more elegant solutions than others.

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By daniel_
15th Nov 2019 09:43

Probably some sort of custom integration with Zapier using google sheets as a trigger and Xero as an action.

E.g. "when I make a new row in Sheets, create a new purchase invoice in Xero".

But it may be a bit limited for what you want to do. Depending on the volume of transactions it may be easier to just manually transfer the figures once a week/month?

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