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Accounting Software Recommendations

Accounting Software Recommendations

After a few days of reading through sales documents and websites for various different software providers I seem to be going round in circles! There appears to be very little to differentiate each supplier.

Our requirements are fairly straightforward. Other than the basic ledgers (GL, SL, PL, Cashbook) we would like to be able to code using the following:

- Account code;
- Competency code (2 digits)
- Product code (2 digits)
- Department code (3 digits)
- Job code (5 digits) (very basic job costing - invoices and expenses - no time)

We would then like to be able to produce tailored reports analysing around these areas.

I've heard horror stories in the past about having to use large numbers of excel spreadsheets in addition to the accounting system so as to be able to prepare required reports and analyses (e.g. Sage) so ideally we would like software with a decent report writer tool.

I think this is where it may fall down, as I'm being told that decent report writers come with packages starting at around the £15k mark.

Any recommendations? Any suggestions of where I could look for help with this or anything I should beware of when selecting the system?



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By eachola
30th May 2006 12:28

SunSystem will do it!
SunSystem financial management system has very powerful analytical tools and reporting tools to meet all your accounting and reporting requirements. With three report writers and being centered around a single ledger, SunSystem would more than meet your requirements. It also easily interfaces with other software like MsExcel.

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20th Apr 2006 12:43

I use netsuite for a couple of cients and being web-based it not only offers remote access but the reporting is fantastic and should cope with your needs quite easily.

Best thing is, you can export any report into excel with the click of a button if you need to.

Cost is under what your saying and varies depending on no. of users/features etc.

BTW, it also offers a comprehensive CRM system all in one.

hope that helps.

Be useful to know if others are aware of similar software.

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20th Apr 2006 16:05

Hi Frank,
being a sales/marketing person I don't know whether you want to listen to the spiel from me, but just in case, you may want to consider SkyEnterprise.

For the accounting module (which includes job costing and invoices, as well as all the standard accounting ledgers), the licence cost is £1,500 (based on a concurrent usage model so you don't need one licence per person). You would need to have a consulting and installation session too, but this will come nowhere near your £10K mark.

If you wish to have a look at the online demos, try: and select demo 3 for accounting, and demo 2 for job costing & invoicing.

It comes with a report writer built in, so you can either create your own reports, or you can use the ones already set up. If necessary you can export these to excel if you need to.

I'm not quite sure what you would need the competency code for, but we can usually alter the system to suit, if necessary. The other codes already exist.

Please contact me if you need any more details.

Angela Walker [email protected]
Marketing Manager
Skynet Applied Systems
0207 236 3777

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By jacp400
24th Apr 2006 19:54

Access Accounts
Hi Frank

You should give Access Accounts a look, if you want to keep all of the coding you mention in the nominal ledger then Access will hold this for you.

If you'd like to have a look at the software then give me a call. Our team are based nationwide so we can assist wherever you are.

My number is 023 8088 1700, or you can email me at [email protected].

Look forward to hearing from you.


John Clough
BDO Stoy Hayward LLP

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21st Apr 2006 13:27

Take a look at Pastel
Hello Frank,

Pastel Partner will meet your needs as detailed in your requirements.

Take a look at for more information.

Good luck


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