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Interested in hearing the communities thoughts on what cloud product is best for the following

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Just interested in hearing peoples thoughts on what cloud based software you would use for the following:

Company with £2m turnover with approx 800 customers and 3/400 suppliers.  600 sales invoices per month and similar number of purchase invoices and over 1,000 bank transactions!

No requirement for stock, PO's or SO's

Client has used Sage 50 for the past 15 years

Thanks for any comments

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By Tasnim Mustafa
05th Jun 2024 13:48

Xero could handle that

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By kiwilondon99
05th Jun 2024 15:45

OP: what is it you are trying to achieve -
or specifically looking for/to do that you can't / are'nt at present
how many sage transactions are there per annum
& no of users
is it price comparison or otherwise you are seeking

more details required plse

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Replying to kiwilondon99:
By FactChecker
05th Jun 2024 17:10

"OP: what is it you are trying to achieve -
or specifically looking for/to do that you can't / aren't at present?"

... to which I'd add:
Why "cloud based software" (and what compromises are you prepared to accept in order to achieve that)?

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By paulwakefield1
05th Jun 2024 15:54

As kiwilondon99 asks. Sage 50 can cope well with those volumes - I have a client with very similar levels (less suppliers than OPs) which Sage handles well - Clarity as to what the issues are and what are the desired improvements/changes would be welcome.

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By trucker
05th Jun 2024 21:10

Cost of the product and ease of access for home working staff are 2 of the factors. There could 3/4 people working on the product at the same time. The bank feed feature also seems so much better with the cloud based products than Sage 50

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Chris Downing
By Chris Downing
06th Jun 2024 08:07

Sage Accounting can manage that

Chris D

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By Leywood
06th Jun 2024 08:24

Continue with sage 50, give staff access via a server. Simples

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By Charlie Carne
06th Jun 2024 10:59

Your wish to move to the cloud is admirable as that has been the future for over 10 years now. Since you have remote team members, cloud is clearly the way to go, as managing a remote server is complicated and expensive, whereas the great advantage of cloud software is that you have nothing to manage; everyone just logs in from any browser on any device.

The two best cloud accounting products, IMO, are QBO and Xero, both of which could easily cope with this.

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By I'msorryIhaven'taclue
06th Jun 2024 11:03

Why not FreeAgent?

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By MJS1995
07th Jun 2024 11:04

Aqilla would be a suitable choice of cloud-based software. Aqilla is a mid market ERP, designed to support clients who are outgrowing entry level systems. It handles high transaction volumes with its scalable and robust invoicing, bank reconciliation, and customer/supplier management functionalities. Its advanced reporting and analytics tools, along with integration and automation capabilities would make the system more than adequate. Any queries then drop me a direct message.

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Replying to MJS1995:
By FactChecker
07th Jun 2024 13:19

Are we meant to infer from your final sentence that you are (or represent) that company?
If so, it's considered polite to make that clear!

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