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Accounting software with inventory control for small business ?

Accounting software with inventory control for...

I'm trying to evaluate the best software for a new client who's start up business (a shop) will be both selling products to the public repairing electronic equipment.

The software will therefore have to be capable of inventory management and some sort of time recording against repair jobs with the ability to show profitability on the repair work and on product sales.

Being a start up he does not have a big budget. 

Could anyone offer any advice please ?


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By learner
06th Aug 2012 18:33

petty cash in sage

I am trying to open a petty cash account. There are 4 people in the company who use the money from petty cash. Is it possible to relate this petty cash to these people insread of for example,Stationery,coffee or petrol use John,Mark and.... instead?

Please ,Please help me

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By Vidpark
to Lacorb20
07th Aug 2012 08:49

Out of context with thread but...

The conventional way of doing that would be to use the nominal code for the stationery/coffee/petrol dimension and the department code for the John/Mark/??? dimension.

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By Albie
07th Aug 2012 09:25

Nice try

Hey Learner Are you trying to Hijak my question ? :-)

I agree with Vidpark's reply though. Nominal codes plus department codes.

Now, can we get back to software for inventory management and time recording for a high street business selling and repairing electronic equipment please ? :-)

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07th Aug 2012 09:42


Not seen anything implemented precisely on these lines but people are routinely impressed with Xero plus add ons which will cover your situation -

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16th Aug 2012 11:17

Pastel Partner

Hello Learner,

Pastel Partner is a well established accounting software package used by over 300,000 businesses worldwide that has modules for Inventory and Time Recording. See more here: -

If you want a no obligation demonstration of the software, give Leeanne or myself a call on 0161 484 3500 (option 2 then 1 when prompted).

Best of luck with your search.



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By n-tier
16th Aug 2012 11:28

Open Source.... ?

This might be worth a look.... it is a long time since I delved into the OpenSource community for Accounting & Finance software... but things do seem to have improved somewhat.



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16th Aug 2012 12:54

well for a start

are you going to be using epos

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16th Aug 2012 16:03

QuickBooks Pro will cope with all that and very easy to set up and use.

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