Accounting software with standard costing

Client was on TAS, Sage moved them to 50 - doesn't have standard costing

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Sage is now suggesting 200 - IMHO probably overkill for the business and expensive, and they would prefer to avoid Sage, if possible.

My client is an SME business with under a dozen users that was perfectly happy on TAS until support was discontinued.

Let down badly by Sage.

Software recommendations, please.

Thank you.

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By mjcpage
15th Dec 2023 14:26

If your client is now on Sage50, I’d suggest having a look at Sapmanv12.
I have to declare an interest, they having been a client for the past quarter century!

Using this you keep your Sales, Purchase & Nominal Ledgers in Sage 50. But SoP, PoP and Stock are all run through Sapmanv12; with Sales & Purchase invoices automatically posted in to Sage50 from Sapmanv12.

His means you can have Standard Costing (or any other costing you prefer) and all transactional stuff from enquiry through production, Stock / Warehouse & Despatch is processed in Sapmanv12 which gives full audit trail & traceability.

Agreed Sage200 is overkill and pricey; Sapmanv12 is supplied on a monthly licence from 2 to 100+ users and runs on a Sql Database; up to 8 – 10 users Sql Express (free) will suffice.
Since Sage50 went end of life on their Manufacturing Modules there has been an uptake in Sapmanv12 plus businesses moving down from Sage200 to Sage50 to get increased functionality at less cost!
Hope that helps

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By steve01257
15th Dec 2023 15:56

If going back to TAS is an option then your client could try Infoflex for the support.

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By Moonbeam
18th Dec 2023 16:59

There are IT people who write costing programs to link up with eg Sage 50. That may be better for you, if you can get a good one. Sorry I don't know of anyone who does this.

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Mark R
By oneclickapplications
17th Jan 2024 11:25

Get in touch with Infoplex, they can help with all support and additional functions for TAS Books

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Replying to oneclickapplications:
By FactChecker
17th Jan 2024 15:18

As previously mentioned ... if you want to retain a shred of credibility, then please openly acknowledge your relationship to the supplier you are 'recommending' (aka 'promoting')!

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