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Recent (ish) change

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Previously if I  clicked Tax,Practice, Business,tech etc I  could then move a mouse over the sub heads and appearing alongside were a few boxes  containing its  recent articles, I could have a quick look at what was there and choose to click in or not.

Now to get to any of these  articles/posts I have to go into one of these heads , choose a sub head blind (no content) and then see what is there, if nothing  I am interested in go to next one etc, so if tax you have to actually click into each of personal, business,HMRC policy- heads in turn- now either this is my browser or the site has again been improved for the worse.

Anyone else noticed, care or is it just me?

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By The Dullard
28th Oct 2019 15:56

Yay! An oxymoron!

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By Tax Dragon
28th Oct 2019 16:09

Follow the money.

Clicks count. Hovering doesn't.

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By Tom Herbert
28th Oct 2019 16:40

Thanks for the feedback DJKL, some really interesting points about how you use the site.

The reason for the slight clean-up in the design was that we were getting a lot of flak over the fact that if you accidentally moved your mouse over the sub heads a big drop-down menu would appear, and people were accidentally clicking on this rather than the page they actually wanted.

If anything, after the change we're actually getting fewer clicks from this!

The sub-headings appeared in the great redesign of '16. Previously we simply had 'tax', 'practice' etc on the top bar. Out of interest, and I can't promise anything either way, but was that a preferable set-up or do you prefer the drop-down boxes with recent articles?

All the best,


*edited to remove extraneous line at the bottom*

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Replying to TomHerbert:
Hallerud at Easter
28th Oct 2019 16:49


The subs are to me irrelevant frankly, the dividing lines were anyway blurry to say the least.

It just now takes so long to check through to see if new topics are present.

I would personally go for say tax and maybe have most recent twelve posts/articles under tax rather than tax, three subs under tax each with four, but that is maybe down to how I use rather than the main bulk use and I do appreciate the mistake issue from hover for some users. (I suspect phones etc are worst)

If you must have clicks through rather than hover just have the main heads and if you click then all articles appear for the main head , say tax, without being split into sub heads- the sub heads just make browsing too long winded imho.

Trust that sort of makes sense.



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Replying to DJKL:
By Tom Herbert
29th Oct 2019 11:47

Thanks as always DJKL, much appreciated. Will report your feedback to the team.

All the best,


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By paulwakefield1
28th Oct 2019 18:43

And I was absolutely delighted with the change! Previously to lock into "recent replies", it took forever to successfully click on it as it flickered in and out of view. Now it's much better.

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