AccountingWEB Boffin of the Year

AccountingWEB Boffin of the Year

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As those of you in the Born Dull?! group may have seen, we're running a programme of community awards this December. 

This thread is seeking nominees for our Boffin of the Year - an AccountingWEB member who is the fount of all knowledge for dependable technical answers.

We'd love to know who you think deserves this award, so just post nominees usernames below and if you agree with any of the nominations, click 'thanks' to cast your vote. 

We'll be announcing the winner in our Xmas news wire and will be posting further threads like this for different categories.

Looking forward to hearing from you all! 

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By Moonbeam
05th Dec 2012 18:08

Best Award You've Thought of Ever

There are so many people I would recommend for their knowledge on Aweb:

I've just realised I can only nominate 1, when I can think of lots of people. So it's Paul Scholes.

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Replying to User deleted:
By gerrysims
05th Dec 2012 18:25

Paul but ..

Whilst also a respecter of Paul's views and knowledge I would have to nominate David Winch who always contributes a reasoned and technically accurate comment and is not drawn into the bickering. Once he gives a reply I file it.

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By User deleted
05th Dec 2012 18:50

I'd second.....

David Winch for the same reasons as gerry

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By ShirleyM
05th Dec 2012 19:28

Here is a third

... for David Winch. He not only gives a reply, but he explains how he came to that conclusion and gives us the sources of his information so we can look for ourselves.

There are many other contributers that are very knowledgeable, and whose judgement I trust, so this was a difficult choice.

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By ChrisMartin
05th Dec 2012 19:52

i'm a Paul fan...

..I find his posts informative and sensible. Mind you, Shirley, you always have something worthwhile to say. I don't always agree with you (some of my clients are Jimmy Carr fans) but you've always offered a down to earth view of things. But on pure technical advice of a generalist nature, my vote goes to Paul Scholes.

Purely as a winding-down, pre-Christmas aside - when I was thinking about this, I looked at the list of questions I'd asked over the past 12 years and who'd posted answers. Well, talk about your life set out before you! Massive issues that seemed so important at the time; questions posted two days after a child's birth; clients long ago disappeared; stuff you've completely forgotten about. If I was effete and girlish, instead of being a testosterone-fuelled Alpha male, I could get quite misty-eyed and nostalgic. But I'm not and I am, so I don't. But you may wish to try it. 


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By cparker87
05th Dec 2012 21:36

Forget the rest...
Steve Kesby. Consistently excellent. (Plus he always seems to answer my Qs!)

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Man of Kent
By Kent accountant
05th Dec 2012 21:55

Only one category?

Come on make it interesting and introduce several.

Make sure there's one Bob can win though :)

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By Rachael White
05th Dec 2012 22:37

Hi Kentaccountant, 

Hi Kentaccountant, 

There will be several categories put up throughout Any Answers, blogs and discussion groups during the next few days. Keep an eye out! 

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By FirstTab
05th Dec 2012 22:46

Cannot nail it down to one person

There are many great contributors on  AW. I just cannot nail it down to one person. Here is my list in no particular order:

- Peter Saxton (at times he really gets to me!) putting that aside I found his contributions helpful 

- Paul Scholes


- Flash


-  David Winch

- Steve Kesby (wow tax knowledge!) 

I am sure they are others I cannot recall at the moment.  


I just read the OP again. They will be categories: On the technical (tax) knowledge I nominate  Steve Kesby. 

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By frustratedwithhmrc
06th Dec 2012 05:17

Only on nomination possible

David Winch

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By Steve Holloway
06th Dec 2012 07:53

Difficult to split Steve Kesby and David Winch ...

as I don't believe either have given an answer I haven't considered to be definitive. Half a vote for each then!

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By User deleted
06th Dec 2012 08:11

Steve Kesby

For correcting me on so many occasions :)

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By MissAccounting
06th Dec 2012 08:24

Steve Kesby is definitely up there but I would also like to mention Euan MacLennan who has plenty of excellent advice to offer.


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By Canary Boy
06th Dec 2012 09:11

How about


Good answers often pointing to legislation and never drawn into arguments.

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By BigBadWolf
06th Dec 2012 10:12

Steve Kesby - without a doubt

Euan - is a close second

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By uktaxpal
06th Dec 2012 10:20

Bob Harper of course stupid !


& some should be in category of "More rabbit than Sainsburys"

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By blok
06th Dec 2012 10:40


I go in for techy stuff so.

Steve Kesby

Euan M



Peter Saxton

George Attaz..



those are the ones that sprintg to mind but there are a few others.



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By thomas
06th Dec 2012 10:43

I'd say Euan for all things disclosure related!

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By Steve Kesby
06th Dec 2012 14:55

I agree with blok...

... I appreciate Euan's and BKD's views, and always find Lynn and Graham's contributions very useful, but I think my vote would be for spidersong.

I also find Paul Scholes' and David Winch's comments very informative, and I'm often in awe of Cathy Grimmer.

Thanks for the kind comments.

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By Constantly Confused
06th Dec 2012 14:08

While there are many

My nomination goes to Steve Kesby who I sometimes suspect fell into a cauldron of potion made from the pages of a book of legislation when he was a baby.

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By justsotax
06th Dec 2012 14:16

I vote for

Steve too......a quite astounding knowledge of legislation....that i can only dream of.....

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By Monsoon
06th Dec 2012 14:22

Decisions decisions!

Actually, I miss WD/CD's technical contributions. It's just a shame he went off on one so much.

While I've thanked various posts above, I think my vote has to go to Euan, though so many of the suggestions are very, very deserving.


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Euan's picture
By Euan MacLennan
06th Dec 2012 14:37

Too many to choose from

I would vote for Steve Kesby, closely followed by David Winch, both of whom always speak with absolute (conviction in their own) authority.

Also, BKD, Frustrated, Spidersong, Les Howard, DMGBus, George, 12Pay and many of the other regular contributors.  I think who you choose probably depends on your particular area of interest.

Thank you to those who have mentioned me.

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By uktaxpal
06th Dec 2012 15:35

Oh Dear !  Come on chaps its

Oh Dear !  Come on chaps its nearly xmas !


Everybody giving their time and expertise deserves a mention.So raise your glass and toast to yourselves "well done me"

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By Rachael White
06th Dec 2012 16:50

There will be a round-up article of the categories on the page soon, so keep an eye out!

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By Henry Osadzinski
06th Dec 2012 18:41

Bit of pruning

Sorry folks - had to cut out a few posts here and there but all nominations and votes are safe :-)

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By LyneT
06th Dec 2012 19:03

depends on the topic

My vote would go to Seve Kesby for the knowledge of the legislation and his all round knowledge, closely followed by David Winch.

Both very knowledgeable on different topics.

However, for an encyclopedic knowledge of tax credits, my vote would be Clint Westwood.  I am surprised no one mentioned him.

I think it really depends on the question being asked.

All of them have an approachable manner, are never personal when disagreeing, and never get drawn into silly arguments and insults.

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By George Attazder
06th Dec 2012 20:21

Aww Henry!

My Anne Fairpo nomination got pruned along with my little bit of olfactory humour!

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By Henry Osadzinski
06th Dec 2012 20:26

Worry not

The nomination has been logged (as well as the thanks it received) so the both of you come up smelling of roses :-)



(Sorry, couldn't resist).

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By Ding Dong
06th Dec 2012 22:22


It would have to be the great Mr Kesby

I have over the last year posed many questiosn that are beyond me and on several occasions he (and others) have championed and assisted.

In addition there have been occasions where I have only received one (definitive, welll explained and thorough) answer and that has been from Steve.

So please to all others who have helped (and I won't go into a long thankyou speech) apologies but Steve has saved me a lot of time and provided re-assurance this year so for that - Thankyou.

However - I still think Swiss Toni would have come a close second had he still been enlightening us with his wit!


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By carnmores
07th Dec 2012 17:48

i vote for all of the above

and agree with most of the comments , lets keep up the good work and carry it thro to 2013 or our life will be dull. off for a snifter now TGIF not that it really makes any difference

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By carnmores
07th Dec 2012 17:51

PS youve got to be in it to win it

how does the voting work is it X factor style or more Strictly or god forbid im a boffin get me outa here

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